Meditation for Beginners Course

Have you aways wanted to meditate but never got round to it?

Do you need to relax more? Or clear your head of unhelpful self criticism?

Do you struggle with anxiety or depression or insomnia?

Meditation can help all these and this course is designed to help you set up your own meditation practice.


Reiki Training courses for the summer

Reiki Practitioner Course - take your healing to the next level using intuition more and learn distance healing.

Starting in May or June

Reiki Healing Course for Beginners in July

Discover the healing in your hands and learn how to use it for yourself and others.

If you are interested in either course please let me know as soon as possible.

New Online Meditation Course

The Life Balance Meditation Program launches on Monday 22nd June!

This Online meditation Program is designed to

a. help you set up your own regular practice and then

b. support your practice with regular inspiration

So listen now to the free online presentation on how you can make yourself meditate regularly and have a calmer and more relaxed life - you can find it here:Meditation Program Presentation   or you can copy and paste this into your browser.

You can hear about the benefits of regular meditation and how it can help you, try out 2 relaxation techniques and relax in a longer meditation. I'll also tell you about the Meditation Program including the Meditation Made Simple Course and the following regular new content.

The presentation last just over an hour so do make yourself comfortable and leave your phone in another room so you're not disturbed! 

If you'd like to just buy the program just click here