Meditation for Beginners Course

Have you aways wanted to meditate but never got round to it?

Do you need to relax more? Or clear your head of unhelpful self criticism?

Do you struggle with anxiety or depression or insomnia?

Meditation can help all these and this course is designed to help you set up your own meditation practice.


Reiki Training courses for the summer

Reiki Practitioner Course - take your healing to the next level using intuition more and learn distance healing.

Starting in May or June

Reiki Healing Course for Beginners in July

Discover the healing in your hands and learn how to use it for yourself and others.

If you are interested in either course please let me know as soon as possible.

Feng Shui

How does the energy in your home or workplace affect you? Is there enough fun and laughter in your life? Do you enjoy good health and have enough energy to do everything you want? Do you sleep peacefully? Are your relationships harmonious? Would you like to be more creative?

Feng Shui addresses all these issues
Everything in your environment, the house across the road, the tree in the front garden, the colours on the walls, the photos on the mantelpiece, the placing of your bed or the siting of the cooker can either further your aims or work against you. Feng Shui can help put you back in control of your life allowing the forces of nature to work for you rather than against you.

Chi is the subtle flow of vital life force energy which permeates all things in the universe. It flows in through the doors and windows of buildings affecting all the rooms and therefore all the people using them. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of harmonising the flow of Chi through your home or workplace.

Feng Shui helps ease the stresses and strains of modern life
Feng Shui balances the flow of chi. By stopping stagnation in ‘dead’ corners, by slowing down too fast Chi, (sha), or moving it around with wind chimes, Chi can be balanced and thus move gently through the building creating harmony. Your own personal energy is always mixing with the Chi energy around you and so balancing the Chi of the building will help balance your life.

Wide Experience
I have been working as a holistic therapist for 22 years treating individual clients and groups and teaching Reiki. I have used yoga to enhance my life for over 35 years and have been using the concepts of Chi, Yin and Yang and the Chinese 5 Elements for many years. My work with clients and interest in my own personal development lead me to look at the effect which our environment has on health, lifestyle and happiness in life. My own life has been transformed by my Feng Shui training and by the changes I have made to my home. Having been through many changes in my personal life Feng Shui has empowered me allowing me to have much more control of my life and to have a lot more fun!